Neer Dike Reinforcement

  • Client Limburg Water Board
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Neer
  • Status In Progress

Neer Dike Reinforcement Strukton Civiel is heightening and reinforcing the dike in the village of Neer along the Meuse River. This will be the first time that a flood-retaining structure will partly consist of glass.

Part of the contract is conducting archaeological research and tracking down unexploded ordnance in the Meuse River left over from the Second World War. Because part of the work is taking place in an old stream valley, the remnants of an old Roman villa may be hidden in the soil. Any explosives will be removed.

Protected by glass flood-retaining structure and a beautiful living location along the Meuse River


A first for the Netherlands: glass incorporated into a flood-retaining structure

The dike reinforcement in the village of Neer is a project with a special aspect for the Water Authority as well as the local community. In the near future, Neer's residents will be keeping their feet dry and will retain their view of the Meuse River due to an innovative glass barrier that will be integrated into the dike. Various aspects were considered for the Neer dike's reinforcement. For example safety and security, spatial quality, engineering, maintenance and management. The Limburg Water Authority from the outset closely involved local residents in the project. One of their wishes was to retain their view of the river and the marina. This is why the Water Authority asked for a flood-retaining structure to be designed that partly consists of glass. Glass panels will be installed on the quay wall to provide protection against the water.

It is the first time that glass will be used for a flood-retaining structure in the Netherlands. A practical trial must first demonstrate that this innovation meets the specified criteria. Some of these criteria include: a minimum of 90% of the components must be transparent and must provide for high viewing quality. In addition, the glass wall must be vandalism-proof, must provide for ease of replacement and must be expandable in height.

Unieke test glazen waterkering bij Deltares
What's the story behind the 'dike of glass' and its initiators?

Reinforcing the Dikes We will be heightening and replacing the barrier, including new cut-offs, and adjusting the infrastructure. To keep feet dry in the future, we will be heightening the more than 1,600-metre-long dike and will be relocating it locally. In addition, we will be modifying two small weirs. The 500-metre-long retaining wall will be replaced with a new higher hard retaining structure that will partly consist of glass panels. The current wall also contains passageways (cut-outs). We will be replacing these cut-outs and equip them with new retaining structures. In this case a new retaining structure also includes adjustments to the infrastructure. We will look after the fit-up of privately owned plots and will coordinate the relocation and adjustment of cables and pipelines.

Curious what else Strukon Civiel creates?

As one Strukton Civiel, we have the professional and innovative strength to serve our customers – both nationally and regionally. And are we building an infrastructure on which the Netherlands travels smoothly.

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