The life of the Ewijk Bridge extended by 30 years

  • Client Rijkswaterstaat
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Location Bridge at Ewijk
  • Status Delivered
Tacitus brug bij Ewijk

A special project demands a specialised approach The Tacitus Bridge across the Waal River near Ewijk is one of the busiest traffic interchanges in the Netherlands. The 1-kilometre long cable-stayed bridge was completely renovated as part of a large-scale renovation programme. It was the first time that a new method for replacing the guy wires was used in Europe. After forty years, the Bridge no longer met the demands of the present times. The steel bridge deck showed signs of fatigue, the load-bearing structure suffered from the increased traffic volume and as a structure crossing a main route for shipping traffic, the bridge's clearance no longer met European standards.

In its second life the Tacitus Bridge will be better able to withstand traffic volumes


To comply with the European clearance standard for shipping traffic, the bridge was jacked up by 110 centimetres.

Plant below road deck

A key part of the project was the steel reinforcement of the load-bearing structure. A plant-like environment was set up below the road deck inside the bridge's box beam. With a conveyor belt over its full length for the purpose of transporting steel plates weighing up to 600 kilos, an air conditioning system for exhausting welding fumes, lighting and communications for the safety of employees. During welding operations 1,200 tonnes of steel were incorporated into the load-bearing structure.

The Tacitus Bridge is not only important for road traffic across the A50, it also crosses a main navigation route. To comply with the European clearance standard for shipping traffic, the bridge was jacked up by 110 centimetres. In advance of this operation, the bridge's weight was reduced by removing the asphalt layer and the bridge was strengthened internally. After this the bridge was brought up to the desired height in steps, using hydraulic jacks.

An unique method The Tacitus Bridge is an unique bridge with only two pylons and four guy wires. We were the first in Europe to use a special method to replace these structures. The old guy wires consisted of a single cable. Our new guy wires consist of multiple, very high-strength cables. We can tension and replace these parallel strands individually after the fact. This simplifies maintenance and reduces inconvenience to road users.

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