Strukton Immersion Projects has successfully immersed two caissons for the foundation of the world’s largest cable-stayed bridge in Turkey.

On Monday 27 May, Strukton Immersion Projects successfully immersed the second and last caisson for the 1915 Canakkale Bridge Project in Turkey. During a 72 hour lasting operation, the element was immersed with an extreme precision of 10 mm. Each caisson has a weight of approximately 66000 tonnes. The Canakkale bridge has a 2023 metre span, making it the largest suspension bridge in the world. The pylons of this bridge will be built on the caissons.

A special ballasting system that makes it possible to independently and remotely fill all 26 clusters was designed for the controlled and precise immersion of the caissons. By controlled filling of the cluster with water the caisson is immersed under water.   A special guide system is installed on the seabed to insure the precise positioning of the caisson Four guide frames have been mounted on pre-installed piles (diameters 250 cm and 35 m long). Jacks mounted on the caisson make sure that , once positioned one metre above the seabed the caisson can be positioned with high accuraccy. After a survey check of the position, the caisson is further ballasted with water and placed on the seabed. Once on the seabed, all clusters are 100% filled and the jacks on the caisson are withdrawn. After removal of the ballast systems in the shafts, the shafts are filled with water as the final step. 

Foundation of Canakkale bridge
Strukton Immersion Projects (SImP) has been awarded the contract  for the immersion of two caissons forming the foundation of the 1915 Canakkale bridge over the Dardanelles Strait in Turkey. SImP is responsible for the engineering of all temporary works regarding the float up, float out, transport and immersion of the caissons.
Strukton is world leader in the field of immersion of tunnels and caissons. Strukton Immersion Projects specialises in the flout up, transportation and immersion of tunnel elements and caissons. The scope includes the engineering, preparation and execution of the immersion process including maritime work.

Immersed caissons Canakkale Bridge panorama view

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