Single-layer asphalt pavement, double the benefit

OPA8 is an innovative alternative to double-layer ZOAB.

OPA8 is an innovative alternative to double-layer ZOAB: a single pavement layer with at a minimum the same noise reduction, lower costs and a longer service life. The product also scores well in other areas. A section of the A15 has been paved with OPA8 with excellent results.

Offenporiger Asphalt [porous asphalt] is the full name of this mixture, which originates from Germany. OPA8 has 25% hollow spaces and a maximum 8-mm stone grain. Despite the thin layer thickness, the asphalt achieves a noise reduction of 6 dB(A), just like the double-layer ZOAB. The expected service life of the heavily loaded right-hand lane is at least 12 years, longer than the double-layer ZOAB asphalt.

Major routes, major benefits

The innovative asphalt was developed for extended sections where the construction of a single pavement layer directly results in major cost savings. For example, between the Maasvlakte and the Vaanplein junction, where the A-Lanes A15 Consortium (which includes Strukton) has applied approximately 1.2 million m2 of OPA8. The asphalt meets all requirements relating to noise reduction, roughness and braking deceleration.

Fewer raw materials and transport movements are required to apply OPA8. This furthermore makes the innovation sustainable.

OPA8 benefits

  • Single-layer asphalt pavement, lower costs
  • Shorter construction time, less inconvenience
  • High noise reduction: 6 dB(A)
  • Excellent roughness and braking deceleration
  • Minimum 12 year service life of the heavily loaded right-hand lane
  • Major CO2 reduction (30%) and favourable environmental score (MKI) over the entire service life

The noise reduction is confirmed through the awarded Cwegdek [C road deck] certificate.

More information

Strukton Civiel continues to innovate and flexibly respond to customer needs. For more information about OPA8 as an alternative to double-layer ZOAB:

In the meantime, we have developed an even better version: OPA8-Plus combined with the strong binding agent Sealoflex®, which increases the expected service life of the right-hand lane to 14 years. This mixture has been successfully applied to the A59 motorway near the Drongelens Canal.

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