Virtually 100% recycled asphalt

We call our 'green' asphalt 'Greenfalt': a combination of reused asphalt and recycled ballast material in all layers of the road deck.

The results of this innovative, sustainable product demonstrate that the quality, noise reduction and roughness of the deck layers are even better than deck layers constructed with traditional mixtures.

The product is produced in our own asphalt plants. GBN, a Strukton Civiel subsidiary, recycles the track ballast released when tracks are renewed. The coarse, washed components are processed into mineral raw materials for Greenfalt and recycled asphalt is processed to make it suitable for all Greenfalt mixtures. As a result, we use significantly less natural raw materials, and by limiting transport movements, we also reduce CO2 emissions. 

Greenfalt in actual practice
The first Greenfalt noise-reducing deck layers have been constructed in the Province of Noord-Brabant on a repair section along the N284 provincial road near the village of Hapert, on a trial section along the N285 near the village of Wagenberg and on a trial section along the N268 near the village of Oud-Gastel. In the municipality of Breda, the Oranjesingel boulevard was reconstructed using three Greenfalt layers, including a noise-reducing deck layer. The results are very positive.

Customers, such as the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat), provinces, municipalities and private parties can achieve their sustainability targets thanks to this recycled asphalt.

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Strukton Civiel continues to innovate. Want to know more about Greenfalt?

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