The electricity-generating road

The SolaRoad gives roads a dual function: they provide mobility and renewable energy thanks to the solar panels embedded in the road deck.

The generated electricity powers the road lighting, traffic systems, households and, in the future, perhaps electric cars as well. Approximately 450 km2 of Dutch provincial and municipal infrastructure qualifies for this innovative concept.

The prefab concrete modules measure 2.8 by 3.5 metres and are overlaid with a plastic, transparent, top layer approximately 0.5 cm thick. This layer is dirt-repellent and rough because of the transparent coating. The silicon solar cells are sandwiched below the top layer between plastic which protects them against mechanical loads, road salt and weather influences.

Solaroad location Maartensdijk (NL)

SolaRoad is een ontwikkeling van TNO, provincie Noord-Holland en Strukton Civiel; een unieke samenwerking van kennisinstelling, overheid en bedrijfsleven.

SolaRoad was developed by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), the Province of Noord-Holland and Strukton Civiel; a unique partnership of knowledge institute, government and the business community. For production we are working together with various partners, including our own Strukton Prefab Beton, which produces the road deck elements under license to SolaRoad.

SolaRoad strong points

  • Dual road function
  • Generation of renewable energy
  • Divergent electricity uses
  • Proceeds from the supply of electricity
  • Tested for all safety requirements
  • Flexible – can be adapted to new generations of solar cells

Individual modules can easily be replaced during maintenance or repair. The modules are seamlessly connected together. The result is a robust road deck that is safe and comfortable for traffic.

From Krommenie to Spijkenisse
The first SolaRoad bicycle path has been constructed along the N203 provincial road in Krommenie. We have since successfully concluded this pilot with positive results. The SolaRoad Kit is new: four elements for a total length of 10 metres and a yield of 3,500 kWh per year. This solution is especially well-suited for locations without access to electricity. Applications already exist in Haaksbergen, the Netherlands, France, California (USA) and in the Province of Groningen where, for example, electric bikes and mobile telephones can be recharged by connecting to a smart bench.

Trial strips on the parallel road along the N232 provincial road in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer and on the bus lane along the N218 near Spijkenisse represent a new step in the development of the innovative solar road deck for large-scale applications. We will monitor these two projects over the next three years.

Sustainable benefits of SolaRoad

  • Large-scale generation of renewable energy
  • Dual use of space
  • No hindrance to nature and the environment

Towards an energy-neutral mobility system
There is a great deal of interest, domestically and from abroad, in SolaRoad, which with smart technologies contributes to a sustainable energy transition. Due to the further development of this innovation, we are building an energy-neutral mobility system together with our partners.


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