Conspicuous markings, safe bicycle paths

Each year, more than 11,000 cyclists are injured without being involved in a car accident. Innovative markings and guideways are a major improvement.

Small posts, curb edges and passing cyclists that are noticed too late appear to be the main cause of these injured. Innovative markings and guideways are a major improvement. Trial sections containing such Safe Bicycle Paths are showing positive results.

One of the measures is a visual guideway that is highly reflective, designed to clarify the course of bicycle paths. Edge markings with ridges prevent cyclists from riding onto the verge and lead-in markings with ridges announce the presence of obstacles well in advance. Such provisions are commonly used on motor traffic roads, however, their application to bicycle paths is innovative.

Duidelijke markeringen en geleidingen
Clear markings and guideways

High-speed bicycle paths, safe bicycle paths
Trial sections containing Safe Bicycle Paths have been constructed along the Utrecht – Amersfoort and Tilburg – Waalwijk high-speed cycling routes. Wayfinding was a key principle, especially in the Province of Noord-Brabant. The conspicuous green guideway is doing its job: many electric and other bicycles are smoothly following the route, enabling their riders to pay more attention to traffic.

Added value of Safe Bicycle Paths

  • Clear markings and guideways
  • Safer and faster high-speed and regular cycling routes
  • Attractive mobility option
  • Fewer one-sided accidents
  • Lower social costs

The exceptional cooperation between government, knowledge/educational institutes and the business community resulted in this innovative concept. The Strukton subsidiary, Van Rens Mobiliteit, was the initiator and the provinces of Utrecht and Noord-Brabant, the municipalities of Amsterdam and Tilburg, CROW, SWOV, Keuzeweg, BUas, Eindhoven University of Technology, Utrecht University and even the professional media have since latched on to this initiative. The widely supported innovation provides a boost to new Dutch and European guidelines that make bicycle paths even safer.

Application of Safe Bicycle Paths

  • Construction of new bicycle paths
  • Modification of existing bicycle paths
  • Design of verges
Safe Bicycle Paths received an honourable mention at the InfraTech Innovation Award 2019 and won second prize at the Innovation Award held during the Hardenberg Infra Customer Event 2019. Clear recognition of its social value, in other words. Safe Bicycle Paths are ready for implementation in actual practice and Van Rens Mobiliteit is providing advice, design and execution.
More information

Strukton Civiel continues to innovate and flexibly respond to customer needs. For more information about Safe Bicycle Paths, please contact Maurice Veltrop:

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