We make use of slide-in and jacking techniques for the horizontal and vertical relocation of objects.
We make use of slide-in and jacking techniques for the horizontal and vertical relocation of objects.

Bridge decks and tunnel components are constructed adjacent to their final position and during an out-of-service period are inserted into the railway or roadway. The major advantage of this way of working is that railways or roadways are only out of service for a short period of time. This is why slide-in methods are increasingly preferred over traditional construction methods.

We have been using slide-in techniques for constructing viaducts and tunnels since the sixties of the previous century. This is why we have extensive expertise in this area. We work with the client at an early stage on beneficial alternatives, planning and safety, support structures and the use of materials.
Jacking is a science in itself
In infrastructure works, no project is identical. Aside from our multifaceted expertise, we also have a large variety of jacks, hydraulic pumps and support materials, and consequently are able to provide a solution for any project. The possibilities we offer also include temporarily supporting buildings and bridges, replacing supports, jacking up settled buildings and placing struts for sheet piling and supports.

Each project is preceded by an elaborate analysis concerning the required capacity, the optimal jack positions and the positioning of support stacks. After this we group the jacks into a responsible hydraulic system, whereby we limit any tensions in the structures to be jacked up to a minimum. In addition, we also consider the transfer of jacking forces to the existing structure, as well as the potential use of guides to provide for the necessary stability. Through such meticulous preparations we ensure flawless implementation.
Martijn Muilwijk

Project leader

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