Safety, knowing what to do and what not to do

Working safely: not because that's what we are forced to do, but because we consider it important. For us, our partners and the environment.

Safety goes beyond the safety of our people. Safety is also of importance for our customers, partners and the public. It is our conviction that nothing we do is worth injury. Everyone has the shared responsibility for securing his own safety as well as that of others. Visitors to our construction sites always have the right certificates and wear the proper personal protective equipment. If not, they are barred from access to the construction site. We are very strict in this respect.

Safety is incorporated into the project at a very early stage at the beginning of a project and remains a focus of attention from the tender phase through to completion and handover. We look for the best possible construction phasing and working methods to be able to carry out the work as efficiently and safely as possible. By attempting to as much as possible deal with hazards at the source, choosing smart construction methods and using 3D visualisation, we focus on increasing safety awareness.
There is a lot of activity around our projects. We are almost always a 'guest' in a municipality or in a city. Depending on the location, there are various traffic flows: passenger car traffic, commercial traffic, cyclists, school-going children and public transport. Everyone must be able to move safely from point A to point B. Smart road barriers, safe detours, clear signage and good communication with the local community are at the root of this. We set this up jointly with Strukton Civiel's in-house specialists.

Strukton Civiel is certified at Step 3 of the Safety Culture Ladder. In addition, Strukton Civiel is Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors** (SCC**), ISO 9001 and ISO 14001-certified.


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