Our disaster recovery team stands ready 24/7 to carry out first line activities. Call 0800 - 2211 2211.
Environmental incidents, disasters and other urgent situations cause a great deal of inconvenience and can entail major health risks. In such instances, immediate action is essential. Our disaster recovery team stands ready 24/7 to carry out first line activities. This enables us to create a safe situation, restore accessibility and safeguard the continuity of business activities. We have the required experts for this purpose in-house and we also have the relevant certificates.

Need help? Call our incident number: 0800 - 2211 2211.

Traffic management
We provide traffic control measures to professionally help get a chaotic situation after an accident under control. Quick action prevents traffic jams, which is why our emergency response team is accessible 24/7 to block off roads and reroute traffic. 

Road surface cleaning and restoration
Following traffic accidents and industrial leakages, our emergency response team stands ready 24/7 to quickly and professionally clean up any contaminants spilled on roads, with the right type of road surface cleaning agent. We remove vehicles and materials, clean the road surface and perform the emergency and other repairs needed to restore the road surface and to quickly return it to normal operation.. We can also perform emergency soil remediation. We have the relevant BRL certificates for this purpose.

Removing chemical waste and drug waste
Chemical incidents are a common occurrence on industrial sites and increasingly more frequently also in residential districts. We conduct tests to determine the nature of these substances and ensure that they are safely and quickly removed and disposed of. 

Drug waste is a growing problem. With our specialised knowledge of this area, we clear synthetic drug labs and remove the waste safely and quickly. We subsequently provide for responsible transport and careful processing.

We package and tranship the materials in accordance with European guidelines under the supervision of a safety advisor. At the same time, we monitor air quality on a continuous basis. As soon as the waste is properly packaged, we look after the ADR transport. Our operators are available 24/7 to deliver the chemical or drug waste, together with the proper certificates, to a recognised processor or storage facility.

If necessary, we carry out further soil remediation to ensure the site or the district is clean and safe. The soil is inspected in accordance withe the Soil Protection Act, after which it is released. 

If drug waste is dumped into the sewer system or if chemical waste leaks into the sewage water or drug waste is dumped in manure basements, we also have the expertise required to remove the contamination, restore the site and release the location.

Removing asbestos
Asbestos fibres that can have a major impact on health can be released into the atmosphere when building materials are processed. We remove asbestos in a professional and responsible way from homes and commercial buildings. We do this with our experienced team of expert asbestos removal supervisors and asbestos removal workers. This applies to planned remediations and to emergency situations, for example in the event of a fire. Our emergency response team is available 24/7 to quickly and expertly organise the asbestos removal process.

Air quality measurements, gas measurements and safety coordination
Our emergence response team is trained and certified to conduct gas measurements (EX-OX-TOX) and to work in confined spaces with self-contained breathing apparatus. In entering drug labs or sites polluted by asbestos or other substances, our specialists measure the air quality to determine the measures required to quickly and safely remedy the emergency situation. The safety of the surrounding area is continuously safeguarded through monitoring and measuring.

In the event of a disruption of the piping network and unusual odours, we can take on responsibility for coordinating safety. We carry out the measurements, distribute personal protective equipment and ensure the activities are carried out safely and quickly under the supervision of our Incident Coordinator.

Surface water purification
We can quickly remove contamination from surface waters with the use of boats, oil-retaining screens and skimmers. Next, we carry out a channel bed analysis and, if necessary, a channel bed remediation in accordance with the BRL 7003 protocol, to guarantee that clean water is supplied. Our equipment is located at various strategic locations throughout the country, which enables us to quickly be on-site.

Working along railway tracks
All of our workers have a digital safety passport and are therefore authorised to work along railway tracks. This means that we can act without delay along railway tracks in the event of emergencies.

Fight oak processionary caterpillar
The oak processionary caterpillar is a hairy caterpillar that causes itching, rash or irritation to the eyes when touched. We can help to fight the nests that form the caterpillar. First we look at the problem and determine the working method. Entirely dressed in protective clothing, including a full face mask with filter and special gloves, the creatures are then vacuumed up with special vacuum cleaners and cyclones.
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