The Dutch Soil Protection Act safeguards soil quality. With our expert knowledge, we put together a set of measures designed to meet your desired use and at the same time comply with the applicable laws and regulations. Ranging from analysis, advice and implementation to monitoring and aftercare.
Site development
There is a great deal of added value to be gained by safeguarding soil quality as early as in the design phase. With an expert design and efficient implementation, we help optimally manage the different soil flows and achieve cost savings.

Soil protection
To prevent the leakage of waste materials and the spread of foreign substances within the soil, we develop fluid-tight facilities, such as floors, process sewers and basins. We are able to precisely detect any leakages using geo‑electric measurements. We can then repair these leakages when necessary, without disrupting the production process.

Coordinating different soil flows
Giving thought to the reuse of raw materials and building materials as early as in the design phase of a site development project or major infrastructure project, makes it possible to realise significant cost savings. We develop expert plans for the different soil flows and provide advice concerning the best use or reuse of the soil. 

Soil analysis
As a consulting firm, we conduct our own soil analyses, after which we provide expert advice concerning soil management and safeguarding soil quality. We can also take on responsibility for supervising the measures to be carried out.

Batch inspections (AP04)
A batch inspection consists of the analysis of a batch of soil. We provide advice about the use/reuse of the soil.

Soil remediation
If the soil quality does not meet the specified requirements and/or entails risks, it must be remediated. We do this using traditional excavation, pump-and-treat or in-situ remediation methods. We jointly make a decision, depending on the type of contamination and the desired site development. 

Fight Japanese knotweed
The Japanese knotweed, a so-called invasive exotic, causes damage to asphalt, concrete structures, dikes and underground pipes. We can help with recognition, prevention of spreading and removal or management of this plant. Using DNA analyses, we can determine whether a batch of soil contains traces of the Japanese knotweed and therefore poses a risk when processing the soil.
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