Environmental management and maintenance

Continuously remain in production and perform (cost) efficient.
Companies aim to maintain continuous production and to carry out any required maintenance cost efficiently. Furthermore, they naturally aim to comply with all environmental and other applicable laws and regulations with their activities. We offer a helping hand. Safety for people and the environment always is the starting point.

Maintenance of premises
Smart and sustainable maintenance prevents disruption of the production process. We develop maintenance plans and take care of pavings, green space maintenance, traffic control on company premises and Incident Management, among other things.

Industrial safety
With our substantiated analyses, we provide insight into the safety risks of, for example, industrial production processes, the storage of hazardous substances and traffic situations on company premises. To safeguard safety, we develop recommendations or traffic plans, and organise briefing sessions and training.

Environmental consulting
Laws and regulations, such as the Dutch Environment and Planning Act, determine which guidelines apply to specific business activities. We also identify the required environmental permits.

Pipeline management
We inspect and test industrial pipelines that are used to transport hazardous substances and oil products. Excavation, dismantling, repair or replacement may be required to safeguard the necessary quality. Our Incident Management team stands ready 24/7 to resolve emergencies.

Contact Marinus Krijger

For more information on Environmental Management and Maintenance contact Marinus Krijger.

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