We provide a comprehensive package of road construction solutions. Ranging from 'whisper' asphalt to durable concrete.
Roads help shape city and country. Depending on the location, intensity of use, desired service life and impact on the environment, we provide the right asphalt structure. The focus varies from roughness, soundproofing and fuel reduction during the use phase, to colour schemes and degree of maintenance.

We will find the best solution on the basis of specific conditions.

Energy-efficient and low emissions 

Our quiet asphalt is fitted with high-quality porous asphalt top layers and is effective in reducing the effects of splashing rain. Coloured and light-reflecting road surfaces contribute to safety and save on lighting costs. Light-weight structures offer stability on weak peat layers and strong structures are suitable for use on pavements that carry heavy loads, such as airports. We provide sustainable asphalt mixtures and pavement solutions that we produce energy-efficiently and with low emissions.

We have constructed the first cement-free roundabout  in Europe. A roundabout like this is more sustainable than a roundabout constructed with cement. We are also developing asphalt roads that generate power, which we supply to buildings.

Concrete Pavements

Aside from asphalt, concrete is a suitable road construction material for varying locations, subsoils and applications. Concrete roads are an attractive alternative from a sustainability, as well as economic perspective. The biggest advantage of concrete is that it is virtually impervious to rutting and loss of material. Due to their durability, our concrete roads require much less maintenance.

Research & Development

Our R&D specialists develop new asphalt solutions for application in actual practice. We have our own scientific laboratory at our disposal for testing new products.


On the basis of this expertise, we are building roads using:

  • Asphalt pavements
  • Concrete pavements
  • Porous asphalt top layers
  • Coloured and light-reflecting surfaces
  • Lightweight structures 
  • Strong structures for heavily trafficked roads
  • Cement-free roundabouts
  • Quiet verge concrete
  • HSC
  • Printed concrete

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