Complex civil constructions require integral project management. Involved parties with various disciplines work together optimally for the best result.

From bridges, tunnels and viaducts to interchanges and station environments: civil projects demand decisive direction. Strukton Civiel aspires to be the single professional partner taking care of overall project management. It seeks to connect with the clients and partners involved to ensure the best possible cooperation in achieving the client’s ambitions. 

Innovative bridge-building
The Netherlands faces a major challenge in replacing and renovating bridges that are reaching the end of their service lives. Strukton Civiel offers innovative solutions for this. One example is our development of the SUREbridge concept alongside FiberCore Europe. We extend the service life by reinforcing the existing bridge structure with a composite layer. The construction time of this renovation is short, the costs are lower and the environmental impact is minimal. This also makes SUREbridge attractive from a sustainability viewpoint. Meanwhile, with strong partners we focus on the high-quality reuse of materials and components.

Ingenuity in viaducts
Strukton Civiel builds infrastructure allowing the Netherlands to move forward with ease. The infrastructure of the future requires more than just the best technical construction. So our innovation programme also focuses on sustainable and circular solutions, including for viaducts. We have developed a range of innovative asphalt mixtures, and we work with satellite deformation monitoring to determine whether engineering structures such as viaducts may be subsiding, moving or deforming.

Tacitus Brug bij Ewijk
Infrastructure allowing the Netherlands to move forward with ease demands smart, sustainable and circular solutions.
Innovative in tunnels
We like taking control, whether it involves a bicycle tunnel or a large-scale tunnel under a canal or other vulnerable area. We have the in-house knowledge and experience for both project management and environmental management, in all project phases. Wherever appropriate, we propose innovative applications, like fireproof panels of Miscanthus concrete. The Miscanthus plant absorbs a lot of CO2 during its growth, and recycles well as concrete. So it’s doubly sustainable. And it has a natural look.

Smart junctions
Our smart solutions help to improve traffic flows. A good example is the N737 ‘Innovation Route’ between Deurningen and Enschede. We launched the unique self-guiding MOTIS system in cooperation with the province of Overijssel and regional partners. Part of it is the MOTIS Crossing. The 16 sound cameras pick up the sound of approaching traffic and translate the behaviour of road users into optimal system control. The traffic lights turn green for the busiest direction of travel, and the number of lanes is adjusted accordingly. The innovative technology means the junction’s traffic flow and safety have improved.
Metro Riyadh
Attractive stations
Building in and around a station means building in a dynamic environment. This calls for professional environmental management to ensure the safety of all travellers and passers-by. Meanwhile the new-build, conversion or renovation work must of course proceed smoothly and quickly. For the Groningen Main Station project, that’s why we proposed a design change to make the construction process more efficient and to increase the capacity of the bicycle shelter. These were significant reasons for awarding us the contract. The station was declared the most beautiful in the Netherlands in 2020. We are also proud of Delft Campus Station: the first energy-neutral station in the Netherlands. We are also helping to build this as an expert partner.
John de Vroome

Manager Operations

Best projects in civil constructions

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