Earthworks and Soil Quality

From soil materials to underground infrastructure, from foundation solutions to piping systems: a good foundation is the basis for every project
The right foundation
The objective differs every time: building a viaduct or dyke, constructing a road or preparing a new residential area or business park for construction and occupation. We provide tailor-made earthworks for projects involving earthworks, road construction and hydraulic engineering, residential construction and utility construction. This goes beyond the supply and installation of soil, gravel, sand and surfacing.

Putting our heads together right from the design phase makes sustainable solutions and significant cost savings possible

Foundation work
Strukton Civiel has its own in-house foundation expertise: skilled staff combined with a fleet of modern equipment and innovative techniques. These include driven pile systems and vibration-free techniques for city-centre and sensitive areas. We also offer pile walls, slurry walls and walls formed in the ground. We work with our clients to come up with the best solution. Quality as the foundation, matching the need.

We carry out specialist pipework and additional work tailored to the requirements. These include pipes for supplying clean drinking water and the removal of waste water, transport pipes for heat networks as an alternative to natural gas, and fire-extinguishing and cooling water pipes for industry. Our specialist knowledge and experience mean that we not only we deliver reliable and high-quality solutions, but we also minimise inconvenience.
Sustainable and cost-saving choices
We prefer to sit down with our clients at the earliest possible stage to understand their needs properly, and to put our heads together with them right from the design phase, on the reuse of raw materials and building materials. This often yields sustainable solutions and significant cost savings! We draw up expert soil flow plans and advise on the best use and reuse of the soil. Where necessary, we perform soil surveys and provide expert advice. Remediation is necessary where the soil quality doesn’t meet the set requirements or entails risks. Here, too, we offer an appropriate solution.

More information
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