An origin in concrete

Building with concrete. Often in-situ, in which mix, logistics, pouring, curing has to be just right. This is what we organise and do every day.

But we offer more than that, for example prefab concrete, concrete recycling and concrete renovation. Naturally, there is no lack of smart engineering techniques that support and facilitate the construction process, such as prestressing techniques, injection technologies and bridge resurfacing techniques.
Construction within the built environment places high demands on the building parties. Construction space is almost always limited and schedules are tight. The last thing we want to see is a halt to normal living. Companies must be able to continue to operate, traffic circulation must be unimpeded and local residents must not be inconvenienced.

Adjusting to Circumstances

In this complex playing field of demands and interests, standard solutions are not an option. As early as possible in the design phase we determine the construction method that best fits the circumstances, such as the in-situ pouring of a complete viaduct adjacent to the railway tracks that can be moved into place at the last moment. Due to these specialised techniques, we make very short downtimes possible.

Prefab Concrete

 Prefab concrete provides key benefits in projects where tight schedules and minimal inconvenience to the local surroundings dictate the construction process. Components are supplied ready-made and delivered just-in-time and can immediately be incorporated into the process. The time gain is evident, while this barely disrupts the construction process and the local surroundings.

Our portfolio includes more striking examples: ranging from keeping an entire station building intact and lifting bridges and viaducts. All activities that positively support the construction process in terms of time, money and materials, as well as the end user, who is able to continue with his daily activities with minimal stoppages and inconvenience.Insert rich text here

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