Strukton Civiel's Green Silence Wall shields the environment from noise and is sustainable. This is because the prefab concrete is made of Miscanthus.

The Miscanthus absorbs a great deal of CO2 while it grows. This crop – also known as elephant grass – is easily processed into this construction material, which is perfectly suited for reuse. But there are other benefits as well.

This sustainable noise screen is low-maintenance and has a natural appearance. We manage to come up with special implementations that match the customer's needs every time. For a residential project in the municipality of Deurne a customer-specific Miscanthus concrete layer was applied to the residential side of the noise screen. This was requested by its residents, who are very enthusiastic about the end-result.

The Green Silence Wall shields the environment from noise and is sustainable. This is because the prefab concrete is made of Miscanthus

Alongside tracks and roads
This innovative product has proven itself along train tracks on multiple occasions. For example, the Green Silence Wall was installed in Boskoop, Beverwijk, Hilversum and Deurne under contract to ProRail. Interest is growing, including for applications alongside motorways and alongside tram tracks in city centres.

Due to our innovation, the noise impact on the environment is staying within legal norms. Furthermore, thanks to the low environmental burden clients, such as ProRail, the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat), municipalities, water boards, engineering firms and contractors are able to achieve their sustainability targets.

Benefits of the Green Silence Wall

  • High noise absorption
  • Sustainable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Natural appearance
  • Recyclable

Duurzame Productinnovatie - The Green Silence Wall

Duurzame Productinnovatie - The Green Silence Wall

Our production capacity has since been scaled up, as a result of which the production process is even more efficient. Divergent dimensions and shapes are available. New applications are also coming within reach.

Potential future Miscanthus applications

  • Green Silence Wall with solar panels
  • Fire-resistant and noise-resistant solutions for use in tunnel
  • Residential and non-residential construction

The Green Silence Wall has several quality certificates and due to its environmental performance has been included in the National Environmental Database for infrastructure works.

Jan van Stratum

Strukton Civiel continues to innovate. Contact us if you want more information about the Green Silence Wall and opportunities.

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