Mobile plant for 100% circular concrete

The mobile concrete recycling plant Circuton makes it possible to immediately recycle demolished concrete on-site. 

Circuton is a world first with significant environmental gains and cost benefits. At the end of its service life, concrete primarily ends up in road foundations.

The mobile concrete recycling plant Circuton makes it possible to immediately recycle demolished concrete on-site. This unique installation separates the rubble into coarse Circugrind (gravel), fine Circuzand (sand) and ultra-fine Circument (cement). These are high-quality, 100% circular raw materials that can immediately be reused to produce new concrete. Now we can reuse this material in high quality applications and are thus closing the concrete chain. The social value is high: in the Netherlands alone 13 million tonnes of concrete are recyclable resulting in a CO2 reduction of 161 kilotonnes. A double-headed environmental gain, in other words.

Mobiele fabriek voor circulair beton

Together with a concrete crusher and a mobile mortar plant, the Circuton, on-site, produces high-quality concrete for new structures. Our customers this way give substance to their sustainability goals and at the same time benefit from lower costs because raw materials are reused.

The Circuton's benefits in a nutshell

  • High-quality recycling of concrete
  • Cost savings
  • Deployable on any construction site
  • Immediately available high-quality raw materials for new concrete
  • Savings of natural raw materials
  • Significant CO2 reduction

100% circular concrete
Circuton is an innovation of Strukton's subsidiary GBN and Delft University of Technology. We both participate in a European research programme within which the 100% circular concrete technology was developed. Together we established the company C2CA-Technology (Concrete to Cement and Aggregates) to further develop this technology and apply it in actual practice.

Towards a circular economy
Since its launch at the Innovation Expo 2018, the Circuton has been further tested and improved. Trials were conducted in Delft University of Technology's laboratory and practical tests are now taking place in cooperation with other chain partners.

c2ca circuton
C2CA Circuton

With the innovative C2CA concrete recycling technology, the concrete material cycle in the construction industry can now be completely closed. The relationship between demolition and new development is increasingly becoming better balanced. A great step towards a circular economy and a sustainable world.

Eric van Roekel

Directeur GBN

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