Infrastructure of the future

Strukton Civiel understands that the client demand is not only about a road, but also about accessibility, avoiding inconvenience or maintenance.
Mission, vision and DNA
The infrastructure of the future is more than the best technical solution
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Increasing demand for management and maintenance in the infrastructure market

Through our knowledge and experience, Strukton Civiel plays a pioneering role in the field of infrastructure maintenance and management. Show this expertise

Building in concrete

Building with concrete. Often in-situ, in which mix, logistics, pouring, curing has to be just right. This is what we organise and do every day. Show this expertise

A healthy and liveable environment

A healthy environment is an important foundation for a liveable environment. We stand ready to provide consulting, design, implementation, management and maintenance services for clean air, pure water and clean soil. Show this expertise

Safe flow during road works

Roadworks are necessary for accessibility. Our traffic management solutions keep traffic on the right track. Show this expertise

Water as source of inspiration

We are specialists in the field of water management with civil, electrical and mechanical solutions. Show this expertise

From whisper-quiet to hard-wearing

We provide a comprehensive package of road construction solutions. Ranging from 'whisper' asphalt to durable concrete. Show this expertise
Saskia - coördinator KAM
It is my job to see if everybody is working safely. But the men on the projects know it well.

Saskia - Quality, Health, Safety and Environment coördinator


In our view, technological innovations are only of value if they serve a clear objective and respond to market demand.

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Working safely: not because we have to, but because we think it is important. For ourselves, our partners and the environment.

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What do you create tommorow?

we devise, build, manage and maintain the best infrastructural solutions that are really needed. And we enjoy taking the lead in this. Can you relate?

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