Massimo Parisi (42) has been employed by Strukton Rail for 23 years. We’ll leave aside the brief time he spent with a colleague contractor. He started as an intern and has advanced significantly over the years.


“I have always been fascinated with trains in a big way. Originally, I wanted to become an operator, but there were no vacancies. Working on the railway was a logical alternative. During my education I completed two internships at Strukton. The second internship ended on a Friday in June, and on the Monday following I had a one-year contract. I didn’t even have my diploma yet. Railway construction cannot be learned from a book, it can only be learned in actual practice. So I received on-the-job training at Strukton Rail. After spending time as assistant construction supervisor, I became a surveying technician. I really enjoyed doing this for five years, instead of the six months we had originally agreed on. After spending time as construction supervisor, and following this main construction supervisor for a short period of time, I ended up in my current position of project manager.”


“The thing I enjoy most about my work is its diversity. I know what projects I will be working on for the next six months, but after that I have no idea. That’s what makes it fun. In addition, the fact that I may get an urgent job in between, keeps me on my toes. For example, recently we renovated 6.4 kilometres of track in the Schiphol Tunnel. This job was moved ahead by two months due to the corona crisis. Because there are few passengers, railway work causes little inconvenience. But it did reduce the work planning timeframe to only two weeks instead of two months. I like these kinds of challenges. The work was successfully completed and the client was satisfied. I am very proud of the team that completed this work so quickly and so well.”

My colleagues are another reason why I like working at Strukton. It feels like one big family. The Strukton feeling flows through my veins.

Massimo Parisi


“My current job is not my end-goal. I want to develop still further. Here I am thinking of the large integrated projects, on which Strukton Rail works together with Strukton Civiel. That is what I like about Strukton – I am given many opportunities to learn and to continue to grow. 
My colleagues are another reason why I like working at Strukton. It feels like one big family. The Strukton feeling flows through my veins. Because I have been working for this company for such a long time, I know a lot of people. My internship supervisor at the time still works at Strukton as well. Today, he is construction supervisor on my projects. How cool is that?”


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