“I was trained as a service technician, a job I also did for my previous employer. A nice job, but I was looking for more depth and wanted to develop myself further. When I started talking to Strukton, I pointed out immediately that I wanted to grow and learn. I was hired, and first worked as a service technician in the Chemelot team at Maastricht. I did maintenance work there and resolved malfunctions. I also helped colleagues at the Son branch to deal with technical control failures, which brought me into contact with control technology. My interest was aroused, and then the ball started rolling.”

The heart of every building

“I made the transition after about a year, and had the opportunity to follow the necessary education and training to become a technical specialist in measurement and control technology. This is a whole new area of expertise that also includes product-related training. Control technology lies at the heart of every building. After all, lighting, central heating, blinds or cooling systems have to be controlled from somewhere. This equipment must be built and monitored, and all connections must work. That’s what I do as a technical specialist; we build the software and ensure that it’s put into operation and is optimised. We also consider any possible energy savings.”
“The beauty of my work is the combination of technology and contact with customers”

Saving opportunities

“The beauty of my work is the combination of technology and contact with the customer. And it’s great when the customer is happy with the solutions we offer. That appreciation is the reason you do it, after all. At Fontys University of Applied Sciences, for example, we converted and/or replaced more than eighty control cabinets. We first establish a zero status and then draw up a report with points for improvement and possible shortcomings. For another customer (Pivot Park in Oss) we undertook a conversion with many savings opportunities. We guaranteed the reliability of the control equipment, and ensured we can respond quickly to any malfunctions and excessive consumption costs. Good for the customer and good for the environment! It’s also a source of great satisfaction when the customer takes our advice to heart.”

Knowledge and innovations

“In control technology you are actually dealing with all aspects of Strukton Worksphere’s services. We always keep our eyes and ears open and consult with colleagues from other disciplines so as to give our customers the best advice. I’m very grateful to Strukton for giving me the opportunity to learn more about this profession. There are plenty of other companies doing the same kind of work, but when you see how much knowledge and innovation there is in-house, I’m glad I'm working here. Because here you can really learn a lot and develop yourself further.”

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