I work at Strukton Worksphere because of the opportunity it affords me to tackle challenging projects. I began as an Architecture intern and have since been given the opportunity to work as Head of Work Planning on a large, complex construction project.

Learning from experienced colleagues

I started on the bottom rung by first diving into the technology and learning the tricks of the trade. Now I can use the experiences gained to guide people in my current position. I’ve had good guidance in getting here. It has been achieved not just through the courses and training offered by Strukton, but also by learning from experienced colleagues. I was always able to ask my questions anywhere. The great thing about this is the interaction between experienced and inexperienced. That very often produces fine results and innovative insights.

What attracts me? The challenging projects

I was able to gain a great deal of experience in large, complex projects with Strukton Worksphere. Projects that I look back on with enormous pleasure are the municipal offices and bus station in Zaandam (photo below, 2008), the public transport terminal in The Hague Central Station, Alkmaar station, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, and important government buildings. With every project you keep learning more, and you incorporate those experiences in your development. I want to gain lots of technical experience and not grow too fast. If you take your time you can become a strong discussion partner in content terms. I’ve had that opportunity with Strukton.

“Strukton is special to me because the disciplines of construction, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering (C, E, M) come together in one organisation.”

Strukton Worksphere delivers bespoke solutions

Strukton is special to me because the disciplines of construction, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering (C, E, M) come together in one organisation. I enjoy working with contemporary contract forms (UAV, UAV-GC & Bouwteam). This demands multidisciplinary (and therefore integral) coordination of the C, M and E disciplines. You shouldn’t opt for Strukton if you like standardisation. We have to work hard with each other and with the customer.

Plenty of room for development

I want to keep developing, and I have taken the first step. Who knows what the future holds? Leading projects seems to me to be a good next step. I can see that so much is possible at Strukton, as long as you show that you are committed to it and you demonstrate your qualities. There’s a positive response if you come up with a good idea for your development. I would certainly recommend the company to others.


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