After his first job as team leader of a group of pharmaceutical production employees, Willem D’Oosterlinck felt it was time to change career and look for a new ‘out of the box’ challenge. The outdoors beckoned after many shifts in a closed production hall, and Willem signed up as site manager for the rail department of Strukton Rail NV, the Belgian branch of Strukton Rail Nederland.

Great: rolling up our sleeves from the very first day!

I used to do student jobs in a construction site environment. The pleasant atmosphere and working outdoors have attracted me ever since. The vacancy as a site manager at Strukton Rail immediately appealed, and I took my chance.

The initial period has been very pleasant so far, but it also raised lots of questions. Pleasant because I believe I’ve ended up in a good company with good colleagues, that I have an interesting job, and because I feel I’ve found my niche here; however a little insecure because you get lots of information in a short time.


Strukton Rail, a strong employer committed to training and flexibility

Strukton Rail NV invests hugely in training and education, something all newcomers appreciate. I also get the feeling that people here are not patronised, and they’re given the opportunity to interpret some of the work themselves. Giving people responsibility also leads to higher productivity, I find. The fact that so many colleagues have been working for Strukton Rail for a very long time (and want to continue to do so) probably speaks volumes about this company’s strength.


Strength in unity!

Right from the start, I was impressed by the desire of all Strukton employees to work towards a goal together. It’s easy for colleagues to talk to each other when mistakes are made, to learn from them and to solve the problems.

I’m also constantly amazed at the attention to detail with which rail works are planned in the long term, and at the expertise the various teams deploy to prepare and carry out the work.

My own site soon

In the weeks ahead I’m being prepared to take charge of my own first site, under the watchful eye of an experienced site manager. I’m really looking forward to that! Let’s hope that there will be lots of other sites in the future.

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