Kevin Bockstal began working as a Junior Site Manager in the Strukton Rail NV catenary department in September 2017. The position was created specifically to enable school-leavers with higher technical qualifications to gain practical site experience quickly, under the professional supervision of an experienced site manager.

Strukton Rail, a company that stands out!

In searching for my first job, Strukton Rail stood out from the crowd right from the start. I was particularly intrigued by the very specific work we do here. Catenary work can safely be called a niche market, and we often use unusual equipment to perform the job. Since then I’ve been really impressed by the scope of our sites, in the most diverse locations in Belgium. And that’s not all: Strukton Rail is also a significant international player, and our company’s achievements in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Italy and the Middle East can be described as impressive. 

A strong employer with a focus on safety and innovation!

Training is very important because the catenary department’s activities are so specific. Right from the start I was assigned a ‘mentor’ who showed me the ropes on-site. Regular training is also provided, not just for technical innovations but also for safety, maintenance and personal development. There’s also room for innovation here, and we try to encourage that within the company: if you have a good idea, you can raise it in a forum. An innovation expert checks whether the idea is feasible and efficient, and will try to buy an existing tool for it, or to develop a completely new one.

Work hard, Play hard!

Our activities sometimes involve irregular working hours in the strangest places, but it strikes me that this is why Strukton Rail devotes lots of attention to the balance between work and personal life. There’s a great atmosphere here, and you’re surrounded by helpful colleagues. Above all, Strukton attaches huge importance to safety. That’s very important to me personally, especially given the work we do. 
This means we can start each shift with peace of mind.

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting job with a company prepared to invest in you and where the atmosphere is excellent, then Strukton Rail is the right place for you!

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