“I’ve worked here since September 2017, and I still remember very well how special I thought it was that people here were walking through the corridors whistling when I came to apply for a job. I had worked with another firm for three years, and I really was searching. I knew about Strukton through the grapevine, but on my first interview there were no suitable positions. Two months later the position of energy consultant became vacant and I was hired. I’m part of the Technical Support and Consultancy department, but I’m seconded to the North region. One day I will be working in Deventer and the next in Groningen or Leeuwarden. I’m on the road a lot, including seeing customers.”

Transition to sustainable energy

“My days differ a lot. I may be delivering a presentation in the morning on an energy scan we carried out at a customer’s premises, and in the afternoon I could be discussing with a colleague just how we could make the Groningen office more sustainable. The next day I’m on location with a management technician and/or mechanic to see what energy-saving measures we can implement for a customer. Then I deliver my recommendation. It’s very satisfying when the customer accepts our advice and trusts us to elaborate the plans further. In any case it’s a great market to work in; the transition to a sustainable energy system is in full swing and I’m proud to be able to help customers make the switch. Just like my days, the customer’s questions are very diverse. Some customers are very ambitious and want to become energy-neutral or gas-free. Others are happy simply implementing enough energy-saving measures to comply with the laws and regulations.” 

"It’s super-cool that I can help so many different customers with their transition to sustainable energy.”

Rapid developments

“Sustainable energy development is progressing at lightning speed, and I try to keep up through seminars, fairs and events focusing on this theme. Strukton really invests in the development of its employees. I’ve done more in-service training since I started working here, than in the previous three years. We’re growing really fast, and I hope that in the years ahead we can help many more customers with their sustainability and energy transitions. I also hope that by then we will be working in a truly multidisciplinary manner. The sustainability transition demands that we think less traditionally and look beyond our scope. That’s the biggest challenge to make a difference in this sector.” 

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