“Variety in tendering processes, lots of freedom, new customers and opportunities and healthy pressure. The role of tender manager offers exactly the challenges I’m looking for. I lead the tender process in the tender team in terms of content and process. I analyse and assess new applications, and translate the customer’s needs into a suitable strategy. Our ultimate goal is to make the most distinctive and appropriate offer. And to win!”

Complex maintenance contracts

“I’m involved in complex maintenance contracts tendered out for an average of two months. I like the short turnaround time, which means I have to deal with new customers and new challenges all the time. These are integral maintenance contracts in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and structural management and maintenance. As a tender manager I also help customers who don’t yet know what they want. They hold so-called market consultations, an open dialogue between several parties. Then I advise the customer how best to put his needs to the market.” 

"You can achieve your ambitions here with the right training and work experience."

Open and informal

“Once we win a tender, I negotiate the contract with the customer. Then I hand the project over to implementation and help the implementation manager during this process. If he has any questions, he can always turn to me, which is very organic. The great thing about this job is that I look beyond the regions. I deal with all sorts of colleagues from the company, so I pick up a lot of things. Strukton’s atmosphere is very open and informal, making it easy for people to reach out to each other. You can walk without any concern into the (regional) director’s office, as the hierarchy is not really noticeable on the shop floor.” 

Achieving your ambitions

“I've worked here for a year and a half, and even though I enjoyed the job with my previous employer (in the same industry), I’m glad I was approached to move here. I think Strukton will be the leader in data-driven services and I’m happy to be part of it. I have a background in electrical engineering and business administration, and that broad field of vision stands me in good stead at Strukton. Strukton offers enormous scope for personal development. You can achieve your ambitions here with the right training and work experience.” 

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