The gas supply was turned off at the end of June, after which we worked with might and main to get the heating system for the Groningen provincial government building – a total of 25,000 m2, part of which is a national monument – back into operation.That moment has arrived

This gasless system, which is connected to the provincial government building’s renovated Thermal Energy System (TES), started operating this week. The heating supply currently consists of a TES installation, combined with two low-temperature heat pumps, two high-temperature heat pumps and four large buffer vessels of 13,500 litres each, filled with Phase Changing Materials (PCM), for thermal storage.

At the end of October, Strukton Worksphere commissioned the installation together with Trane (supplier of heat pumps). After an intense period of optimisation and implementation, it was a tense moment to see the installation come to life in the presence of the customer and advisor. After the summer, we had already commissioned the two low-temperature heat pumps, but today the entire installation is operational. The interaction between the low-temperature and the high-temperature heat pumps is a tremendous dynamic to behold!

The monitoring and adjustment phase will start now to ensure that the system will attain the maximum achievable yield, so as to make it even more sustainable. In the near future we will be dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, after which the monitoring and maintenance period will commence.
Provinciehuis Groningen WKO-installatie
The heating supply system now consists of a TES installation with low and high-temperature heat pumps and four large thermal buffer vessels.
Arie van Dorp

If you would like to know more about this project or about making real estate gasless, contact Arie van Dorp.

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