The first two biobased sofas were installed and unveiled on the Schiphol grounds on Friday, 8 April during a festive ceremony. This sustainable innovation is the result of a partnership between technology company Strukton, Schiphol Airport, the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, Miscanthusgroep, Hogeschool Inholland, TheSolidGrounds and Hempflax.

Sofa number three was installed on Tuesday, 12 April and sofa number four is currently being produced, ready for installation at Schiphol Oost later this month.

Unique street furniture
What makes this street furniture so special is that it is manufactured from such materials as elephant grass, a miscanthus grass species. Growing this grass in the vicinity of Schiphol’s take-off and landing runways drives away the geese. And this is exactly the reason for this sustainable initiative, because birds, and in particular geese, were causing huge delays to flights and damage to aircraft every year. Schiphol took the initiative to establish theGROUNDS in 2010. At that time Strukton had conducted laboratory experiments blending miscanthus in prefab concrete and was one of the first parties to succeed in building a strong building block from this.
The result is high-performing bio-composite and bio-concrete. The installation of this street furniture has enabled Schiphol to achieve a long-term and sustainable solution.


Onthulling miscanthus bankje Schiphol

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