Since 2002, Tensa has specialized in pre-tensioning techniques, anchoring and tethers. From now on, the specialist builder adds the supply and installation of joint transitions and the execution of concrete renovation.

The combination of all these specialisms in the construction and renovation process of concrete structures makes Tensa the point of contact for various specialist issues in the construction and renovation of bridges, tunnels, quays, underpasses and roads.

Paul Posthoorn, manager at Tensa: "We work for a wide variety of clients in the Benelux, including ProRail, Rijkswaterstaat, various contractors and industrial clients. Bringing together the specialties of prestressing, joint transitions and concrete renovation under the name Tensa, increases our flexibility and speed to respond to the various demands of our clients."


Logo Tensa
A fresh, new look that matches an extended package of specialties

New logo and corporate identity

Simultaneously with the expansion of the specialisms, Tensa also renewed the logo and corporate identity. A fresh, new look that fits an extensive package of specialties. Tensa continues to evolve with new products and innovations to meet the needs of customers. Quality comes first. At the moment there are several projects underway to have new products from Tensa certified. These certification processes are carried out in close cooperation with the clients involved.

Knowledge and experience
Tensa is part of Strukton Civiel. Strukton Civiel devises, builds, manages and maintains the best infrastructural solutions that are really needed. The added activities of Tensa in joint transitions and concrete renovation are therefore well known specialties. The power of high quality craftsmanship, excellent technical knowledge and years of experience in three fields are now combined  under one name: Tensa.

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