Now that classrooms are filling up again, concerns about air quality are once again increasing among teachers, students and parents. Are the classrooms really safe? Is the ventilation good enough? We are helping schools obtain clear answers and practical solutions to these questions with smart software and sensors.

Thanks to our support, over forty schools now know whether they need additional ventilation or not. At least another fifty schools will be added to this number over the next few months. Our approach is a custom solution that responds to their five biggest needs:

1. ‘We need real-time insight and immediate warnings’

Our sensors measure the CO2 concentration in a classroom. People exhale carbon dioxide; so when this concentration continues to rise, it is clear that the exhaust of (possibly infected) air is not sufficient. The sensors also emit a signal when the CO2 concentration becomes too high: the lights then change colour. When the system issues a warning, teachers can immediately intervene; for example by opening a window.

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