Today is the day of the intern, a day to put interns in the spotlight. At Strukton Worksphere, one of our interns has focused the spotlight on us by nominating us as Internship Company of the Year 2020. What’s more, we have since acquired this title!

The jury of the StudentenBureau has authorised Strukton Worksphere to use the title Internship Company of the Year 2020 for the coming year. They recently spoke with HR Manager Jos van der Vegt, who for years has been happy to offer 25 interns a position within the organisation in the North-East Region each year.

“There is a growing shortage of well-educated personnel in the ‘engineering’ and ‘building’ sectors. The vocational work-based pathways in this sector are of all times, but the acceptance of students from vocational school-based pathways and from universities of applied sciences for internships and graduation projects is less evident. As business and HR we have joined forces and decided that we too must make a contribution to training future talent. Now that we have adopted a more structured approach to training, internships and project weeks we are noticing that this is working for both parties. Students generally enjoy completing an internship in our company, interns are given a fair bit of freedom and responsibility and really participate in actual practice. We expect supervisors to invest time and energy in ‘their’ student and transfer knowledge in a ‘master-apprenticeship’ relationship. Social themes, such as energy and sustainability, circularity, digitalisation and data act like magnets for students and our services are precisely focused on these themes.”

If you are interested in the entire interview, you can read it HERE (only in Dutch).

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