Smart sustainability starts with insight. Into the energy labels of buildings. Into opportunities to improve on these labels. Into costs, savings and the payback times of potential measures. Would it not be useful to have a good grip on all of this for the entire real estate portfolio? CSR Manager is the solution.

Sustainability is a high priority for every building manager. After all this is the challenge of our times for real estate in the Netherlands. Government promotes the energy transition through regulations, legislation and grants. It is expected that it will increasingly do so in the field of circularity as well. For some companies it is a challenge to be able to meet all of these requirements, while others are fully devoted to carving out a role for themselves as inspiring frontrunners.

A Clear Business Case

But regardless of whether you are a frontrunner or a follower, every smart sustainability initiative starts with clear insight. You need to know the condition of your building or real estate portfolio. Such as the energy label and the measures that would result in a jump to a higher label. You also need to know the business case: the investments, savings and payback time.

Our clients will precisely obtain this overview in a very accessible way through CSR Manager. CSR Manager is integrated into our PULSE Client Portal. This portal contains everything relating to the status of the management and maintenance of a building. For example, the contractual agreements, plans, fault reporting and inspection reports. The fact that this dashboard now also contains the CSR Manager, transforms every building manager into a sustainability manager, without the need for first having to perform extensive investigations and analyses.

How does CSR Manager work?

This online tool is an application developed by CFP Green Buildings, a market leader in advice for sustainable real estate. The basic information about a building is first obtained from government registers. This data is subsequently refined and supplemented by our client teams. This way CSR Manager provides a clear overview of the sustainability status of buildings. A list of the measures that would make the building more energy efficient is available for every building. Such as roof insulation, a heat pump or LED lighting, including the investment amount, the expected savings and the resulting energy label.

The overview provided by CSR Manager is an ideal starting point for the building manager, as well as our consultants, to enter into discussion. What are the smartest choices, what is the best approach and what scheduling is feasible? Never before could you make your building sustainable by taking such a small step.

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