Renovation of the Nikhef building in the Amsterdam Science Park will commence in the autumn of 2020. Strukton Worksphere forms part of the Construction Team that will carry out the building’s renovation and make it more sustainable. Together we are building a meeting place that facilitates clear and original thinking and ways of working.

Over the coming years, Nikhef, the Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics, will literally be opening its doors to new generations of students and scientists by completely renovating its building in Amsterdam. The building will no longer be gas-powered, will have an entrance at the front and will become a meeting centre for students, technicians and scientists.

Several installations in the Nikhef building have been overdue for replacement or a major overhaul for several years. The decision was to properly tackle the required maintenance all at once and to modernise the building’s appearance. One eye catching intervention is the relocation of the entrance. A second change is that the current courtyard garden will be roofed over. This will create room for a meeting centre with a colloquium hall, a living room, meeting rooms and a coffee bar. The contract also includes expansion of the current data centre, an upgrade of the façade, replacement of the lighting and the fire alarm and evacuation system, an upgrade of the climate control system, replacement of the water pipes and sewer, and the expansion of the installations for various laboratories.

Construction Team

Aside from Strukton Worksphere, the construction team includes Brink Management, JHK Architecten, Deerns and Aronsohn. The construction team together with Nikhef will transform the design into a technical design, after which the building contract will be signed and the renovation can begin.

The building will continue to be in use during the renovation. A beautiful, future-proof building is ultimately to be constructed where everyone will feel comfortable over the next twenty years, a place that stimulates lots of debate and chance meetings, and where students, technicians and scientists alike enjoy spending time. Meeting is the key purpose of the renovated building.

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