TenneT has awarded the civil engineering work for the construction of the Eemshaven-Vierverlaten 380 kV high voltage connection to the Strukton/Mobilis consortium. The consortium is constructing the segment to the east of the Boterdiep canal in the Province of Groningen. This involves the segment that runs from Bedum to Eemshaven.

The contract includes the construction of working roads, work sites and mast foundations and the environmental restoration of the lands following the commissioning of the high voltage connection. Initial work is expected to start in March 2020.

Eemshaven-Vierverlaten 380 kV connection

The 380 kV connection is of major importance for the transport of power from the Eemshaven energy port. Eemshaven has multiple power plants and there are existing or planned connections here for onshore and offshore solar and wind farms. In addition, TenneT has installed high voltage connections with Norway and Denmark here (in use since August 2019). These facilities and landing points require the transport capacity to the Dutch high voltage grid to be enlarged.

The construction of the 40-km long 380 kV connection between the Eemshaven Oudeschip and Vierverlaten (near Westpoort Groningen) high voltage stations will start in the spring of 2020. Following commissioning (expected in 2023), the 380 kV connection will replace the existing 220 kV connection in this segment. By combining part of the regional 110 kV connection between Winsum (starting at Brillerij) and Vierverlaten with the 380 kV connection, 10 kilometres of that connection will become redundant. In total 50 kilometres of existing high voltage lines will be dismantled, comprising 163 pylons. TenneT has already started working on expanding the Vierverlaten high voltage station to accommodate the 380 kV transport.


The new power line will be constructed using Wintrack masts. TenneT has already used this mast, which consists of two pylons in which the conductors are mounted, in the following projects:

  • The new 380 kV connection in the Randstad conurbation (Beverwijk-Bleiswijk-Wateringen);
  • The Dutch part of the border-transcending 380 kV connection (Doetinchem (NL) - Wesel (DE)); and
  • The construction of the new 380 kV connection in the Province of Zeeland (Rilland-Borssele).

This is the first time that TenneT is using 4-circuit 380 kV masts in the Province of Groningen.

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