Strukton Worksphere introduces the PULSE Liftsensor. A brand-independent sensor that can be used with any type of lift, that increases the availability of lifts and ensures that unnecessary maintenance costs become a thing of the past.

Lift availability must be very high, because for many people a lift is indispensable for reaching their destination on time. Strukton Worksphere has developed its own lift sensor that increases the availability of lifts and makes unnecessary maintenance costs a thing of the past. The sensor forms part of Strukton Worksphere’s PULSE platform that we use to monitor buildings 24/7 and enables us to predict abnormalities and behaviour as a means of preventing malfunctions.

How the sensor works

The sensor records the number of lift movements and the number of times the doors open and close. The sensor is self-learning and recognises the collected data trend lines. For example, after a short learning period the sensor knows how many floors are served by the lift, the number of trips and which floors are used intensively. This provides Strukton Worksphere with insight into the wear rates of different parts and enables us to predict when parts need to be greased or preventively replaced.

Maintenance is often carried out in accordance with a pre-established frequency, regardless of how often or how little a lift is used in actual practice. By making use of the sensor, maintenance is only carried out when a lift really needs it. This can be more frequently for an often-used lift and less frequently for a lift that is used less often. By carrying out the maintenance at times that the lift really needs it, malfunctions are reduced to a minimum and availability increases.

More information?

Read the flyer 'Predictable Lift Maintenance with Strukton PULSE' (only in Dutch) or contact one of our lift consultants.

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