The renovation at and around the historic Groningen Station can now begin. Today, with the signing of the contract between ProRail and Strukton Civiel, the station renovation contract for the Groningen Spoorzone [Railway Zone] project was definitively awarded. As such the partnering parties gave the green light for preparing the Groningen Station for the future.

In May of this year, the partners in the Groningen Spoorzone project announced that Strukton Civiel was the preferred bidder for the station’s renovation. Strukton Civiel is working in close cooperation with Koen van Velsen architecten, Royal HaskoningDHV and artist Gabriel Lester. 

Their proposed design best reflected the station’s historic character. Between May and now, the design was worked out in further detail and tested with all involved parties.

Next steps 

During this process the emphasis was primarily on the technical details and whether the proposed design is in fact feasible in actual practice. The partnering parties in the Groningen Spoorzone project are confident that Strukton Civiel will be able to effectively control and successfully realise this large-sized and complex project. Over the coming months, Strukton will be finalising the design and preparing for the outside work.


The preliminary activities will begin in the first half of 2020, such as moving the shops that are now located on the platform and removing the tracks in the current trainyard south of the station. The latter is only possible starting in June of next year, because the new De Vork trainyard in Haren will then be ready and the trains can then be parked there.

Once the necessary space has been created, work can begin on constructing the pedestrian passage, bicycle tunnel, bicycle park, platforms, bus underpass and bus station. The station’s renovation is expected to be complete in 2023. 

Groningen Spoorzone [Railway Zone]

The alterations to the Groningen Station form part of the Groningen Spoorzone project. This is a partnership project involving the Province of Groningen, the municipality of Groningen, the Dutch National Railways (NS), ProRail and the State, whereby alterations to the tracks and stations between the municipalities of Haren and Groningen will improve accessibility to Groningen.

Passengers travelling by train, bus, bicycle and on foot, will be able to reach their destination in even greater comfort, faster and easier in the future. The project forms part of the Northern Netherlands Railway Plan. As a result of this plan, the travel options by train in the north will significantly increase and faster connections will be created within the region and to the Randstad conurbation.

Strukton Civiel

Only together can we meet the needs of our customers. As one Strukton Civiel, we have the professional and innovative strength to respond to the complex infrastructural issues in the market. We do this for the Groningen Main Station project from our North & East region, the national Strukton Civiel Projecten and the product companies GBN, Strukton Prefab Beton, Strukton Milieutechniek and Molhoek-CCT. Strong project management, strong regional involvement and innovative product knowledge.

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