Strukton Civiel Projecten has received the Tunnel Alliance Programme recognition from ProRail and is therefore a recognised entrepreneur within the Tunnel Alliance 2.0. The Tunnel Alliance stands for chain cooperation between initiators, such as municipalities and provinces, ProRail and specifically accredited contractors for the construction of railway underpasses.

The Tunnel Alliance

The Tunnel Alliance deals differently with financing clients, usually municipalities and provinces, in order to achieve more quality and higher reliability. In recent years, this has led to lower failure costs, more efficient working and therefore lower costs.

In the new way of working, ProRail is working with the Tunnel Alliance Programme recognition. The Programme recognition will be binding for all new rail underpass projects from April 2019. Before tendering for a project, ProRail determines the working method and quality standards for the entire market. Contractors who wish to participate in the tender for rail underpass projects must be approved in advance and are then listed on the List of Recognised Entrepreneurs Tunnel Alliance.

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