PULSE Portal: customers acquire insight into the sustainability of their real estate and their Information Disclosure Obligation.

Effective 1 July, Strukton Worksphere’s PULSE Portal was expanded to include the Energy and Sustainability dashboard. This dashboard provides our customers with various insights, including insight into potential measures for making their real estate more sustainable and it also helps them meet their Information Disclosure Obligation.

Rob Daams (Manager Consultancy at Strukton Worksphere): “Nowadays, the sustainabilisation of real estate is an important theme. For example, the Activities (Environmental Management) Decree obliges companies and institutions to implement energy efficiency measures with a cost recovery period of five years or less. This concerns companies and institutions that consume more than 50,000 kWh of electricity or 25,000 m³ of natural gas (equivalent) per year.”

What is the status of my real estate?
However, many customers do not really know how their real estate compares. The current energy label of their property, the current CO2 emissions, the potential energy efficiency opportunities and the sustainability measures that could be implemented.

With the Energy and Sustainability dashboard we now offer PULSE Portal customers the ideal tool. The dashboard, with a link to an external tool, better known as CSR Manager, was developed by CFP Green Buildings and we are now also making it available to our customers. At the push of a button the tool provides insight into the current energy labels of the customer’s real estate, the energy efficiency opportunities and the top five measures to be implemented. These are based on the data contained in the Land Registry, such as the year of construction, the surface area, the number of floors and the real estate’s function. For example, the customer may have a building dating from 1985, equipped with an improved efficiency boiler and fluorescent lighting. An energy efficiency measure that can then be identified using the tool, may consist of installing a heat pump and LED lighting, for example, including the savings and the impact this has on the energy label.'

The tool also helps customers comply with their Information Disclosure Obligation
'Effective from 1 July of this year, the Energy Efficiency Information Disclosure Obligation applies to companies that each year consume more than 50,000 kWh of electricity or 25,000 m³ of natural gas (equivalent). They must report the recognised energy efficiency measures they have implemented or will still be implementing to the eDesk of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). In the meantime, CFP Green Buildings has developed a module for CSR Manager, and therefore for our Energy and Sustainability dashboard as well, that enables us to help customers meet their Information Disclosure Obligation. Once everything has been completely filled in, the information can be uploaded to the RVO. All of this in a low-threshold and cost effective way.

Would you like to know more?

With the Energy and Sustainability dashboard we not only offer our customers insight. The dashboard also immediately identifies the results of particular energy efficiency measures. In addition, the tool enables our customers to quickly and comprehensively meet their Information Disclosure Obligation.

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