Today, Gert-Jan Krabbendam, Maastricht city council alderman, together with Strukton Civiel and other involved parties, opened the showpiece of the Noorderbrug (Northern Bridge) route: the Frontenpark.

Thanks to the completion of the Noorderbrug route, Maastricht now has another city park, and the historic fortifications of the High and Low Fronts are once again linked together.


The relocation of the Noorderbrug abutment freed up space for the construction of an underpass below the Cabergerweg road. The underpass connects the High and Low Fronts with each other up to the over twenty-hectare Frontenpark. The rough and rugged Frontenpark is located on the edge of the historic inner city and the dynamic Sphinx District. Flora, fauna, events and cultural heritage play an important role in the new city park.

Noorderbrug route completed

The opening of the Frontenpark marks the end of the Noorderbrug route project for Strukton Civiel. At the beginning of 2019, the management and maintenance of all roads and construction sites of the Noorderbrug route were transferred to the municipality of Maastricht. Strukton Civiel can look back with satisfaction on a great and (technically*) challenging project in the centre of Maastricht! 

* Noorderbrug push-in operation: a major feat 

For Strukton Civiel, the relocation of the Noorderbrug abutment was a technical tour de force of unprecedented scope in the Netherlands up until that point in time. In the summer of 2017, the Infrastructure Engineering team in a well-managed and well-controlled operation pushed a 180-metre long bridge element weighing 10 million kilos into place over a distance of 21.5 metres. A time lapse was created of the push-in operation.

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