Just over four weeks ago, we started work on the elevation of the first two concrete cores of the four we are building for the tower of the RIVM and CBG new-build premises. Early this morning, both cores reached their full height: 76 metres. MEET has been working 24/7 to achieve these fabulously quick results.

The cores are the tower’s supporting structure and will house things like the stairwells, lift shafts and technical facilities areas. The cores that have now reached their full height are on the eastern side of the tower and form one large core together. After Easter, MEET will start work on the two smaller cores on the tower’s western side and then the slip-form lining can be removed.

RTV Utrecht

This week, RTV Utrecht paid a visit to this spectacular project and produced a great item on it. (available in Dutch). 

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If you would like to know more about this project, visit our special project page or follow live footage of the construction via our webcam.

If you would like to know how slip-form lining is used in construction, watch this video (available in Dutch). 

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