Biocomposite bicycle bridge Ritsumasyl was a strong contender at the InfraTech in Ahoy Rotterdam on Wednesday. The Biocomposite bicycle bridge ended in the top 3 most innovative projects and was given an honourable mention. Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management Cora van Nieuwenhuizen presented the awards.

The biocomposite cycle bridge at Ritsmasyl is the first of its kind in the public road network. The bridge is made of flax and 80% natural resin. The bridge has a movable free span of 22 metres. Including the slip roads, the bridge has 66 metres of bio road surface. It will be commissioned in the autumn. The project competed with 67 other entries in Ahoy Rotterdam.

The trend of recent years has been for customers and contractors to increasingly work together. This is also the case in the bicycle bridge project (which was given the name DRIVE). Work is carried out in a joint construction team. Province Fryslân, combination Strukton Civiel Noord & Oost - Spie and composite manufacturer Infra Composites, together with GreenPAC (association of universities of applied science) and Delft University of Technology, Leuven and Osnabrück started work designing the bridge as a team. On the way to a fully circular economy, the Province of Fryslân is taking an innovative direction.

The project has been given the working title DRIVE. More information on

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