Logos have been changed, flags and clothing replaced and the equipment has rapidly been given another colour. We are one Strukton Civiel. Four regional companies within Strukton Civiel have a new name. A new name, the same faces, because our regional teams aren't changing. We have joined forces for the infrastructure of the future. Safe, comfortable, innovative and sustainable.

Strength in unity
With one name, we underline the development towards a fully integrated organisation. And that's necessary, because the needs of our customers are often too big and complex for one of the business units. As one Strukton Civiel, we can use all the expertise of our regional companies, the national Strukton Civiel Projects and the specialist businesses. At the same time, our regional teams with their local involvement remain intact. Together with expert partners, we think up the best innovative, technological and circular solutions to meet the customer's requirement. Liveable infrastructure is the common goal, nationally and regionally, and that produces amazing results.
Last year, we told three stories in which we explained the power of the name change. If you missed the stories, check out www.samenstruktonciviel.nl

New year, new name
The regional companies Reef Infra, Ooms Construction, Rasenberg Infra and Colijn Beton- en Waterbouw are now called Strukton Civiel Noord & Oost, West and Zuid. A new name with the same contact people, also on all the current projects. Thanks to the integration, we offer the innovative power and the strong project management of our entire organisation. We are now one Strukton Civiel and together we are in a stronger position for our customers.

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