In the national Circular Economy Week, we provide a glimpse behind the scenes at Alliander Bellevue in Arnhem. 

During this refurbishment, Strukton Worksphere was involved in creating a circular design so that it could take responsibility for the performance-oriented architectural management after the renovation. As much as 81% of the materials removed from the old building were reused in the office. The building is one of the first buildings with a materials passport that is carefully updated.

For inspiration:

  • Use pressed straw for panels. Build a handy pantry, with a coffee corner on one side and a photocopying corner on the other. Alliander donated the old kitchen units to a cinema.
  • Turn an old ceiling into a new work floor, also usable in the corridors and stairways.
  • Use as much old steel as possible, particularly when it involves 170 thousand kilos. Alliander used old doors during the renovation, among other things to protect the stainless steel handrail, as well as a joinery workshop and as formwork. Used steel was utilised to make a guard rail in the multistorey car park, for instance.
  • Be creative with reusing your own specific industrial waste.
  • Alliander asked Arpalight to make unique atmospheric lighting from ‘isolators' from electricity pylons.
  • Keep all options open to change the arrangement of the office floor later. Mobile flex cabins are easy to move. Alliander can easily redesign open work areas in the future.
  • Do not throw away old desks. Line the tops with felt. Use them as sound-insulating partitions.
  • Do not buy light fittings, but pay for light as a service. Do not buy desk chairs, pay for sitting.

More information?

Reread the article 'Baanbrekend Bellevue’ (Ground-Breaking Bellevue), published in the journal Facto.

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