Strukton Worksphere and Altrecht have signed the innovative contract for performance and risk-driven management and maintenance for the various care locations of Altrecht. Professionalisation of real estate management, partnership and transparency, in which continuation of care services is key, form the basis for this contract.

Altrecht, a specialist in mental health care, offers professional help to people with psychiatric disorders or serious psychological problems at various locations in the province of Utrecht. Strukton Worksphere is responsible for the management and maintenance of the buildings and sites (approx 130,000 m2) of these care locations. Management and maintenance are vitally important for the safe, healthy and sustainable operation of the buildings and directly affect how they are used and experienced by staff and patients. Strukton Worksphere has worked with a specialised team at Altrecht for several years.

‘Our management organisation and the Strukton Worksphere team knew each other so well that we were ready for the next level of cooperation' Mariken Govaert, manager Real Estate & Facilities Altrecht

Innovative step
In the innovative contract, performance and risk-driven management and maintenance are key. Altrecht has a lot of real estate. Furthermore, the mental health market is constantly developing, requiring great efforts to respond to these changes in time and within a tight budget. Altrecht has consciously chosen Strukton Worksphere as a long-term partner to enable it to deal with these challenges better. Strukton Worksphere not only has a great deal of knowledge and skills in house, but as a controller it is also accustomed to tightly monitoring costs, safety and quality. Consultant HIJ5 supported Henk Steven Beernink (contract manager Altrecht) and Karin Johannes (client manager Strukton Worksphere) in drawing up the new agreement in which trust and transparency are determining factors.

‘I have great faith in the professionalism of our partnership and the mutual desire to continue improving.’ Sjoerd IJpma, senior consultant HIJ5

Starting with pilots
Together, Strukton Worksphere and Altrecht identified the specific building-related wishes and requirements for each building and each care department. The implementation of management and maintenance will be adapted accordingly, whereby the wellbeing of patients and staff is leading. The contract will also be implemented in phases, with Strukton Worksphere starting with two pilot buildings. Within a year, all the other locations will follow. Based on the agreed performance, several subprojects have been mentioned, for example drawing and document management, energy management and sustainability, project approach and patient participation.

‘You not only need to manage and maintain buildings, but you also want to make real estate better, more energy-efficient, safer, more flexible and more comfortable. By monitoring the budget together on a yearly basis, Altrecht can offer increasingly professional accommodation which the care sector needs.’ Kees van Oosteren, regional director North West/Central of Strukton Worksphere

As Altrecht's partner, Strukton Worksphere uses all its knowledge of buildings and technology to offer staff and clients a comfortable work and living environment.

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