Saturday 10 November was a special day for the customer, the province of Overijssel, and project combination FLOOW (Reef Infra, Schagen Infra and Salverda Bouw). The official opening of the new N34 between Witte Paal and the German border. After a ten-week closure of the N34 provincial highway between Hardenberg and Coevorden, the road was reopened to traffic and the surroundings.


The N34 had long had a reputation for being a very dangerous road where lots of accidents happened. Every day, around 15,000 vehicles use this road. Due to the expected growth in the number of vehicles, the road had to be improved and made safer. The combination FLOOW, consisting of Reef Infra, Schagen Infra and Salverda Bouw, was responsible for designing a road where vehicles may drive at 100 kilometres an hour and with no more crossings at ground level. This work included the construction of 5 tunnels, improvement of the viaduct at Ane and the construction of a grade-separated crossing at the J.C. Kellerlaan.

The reopening was celebrated on Saturday morning in sporty fashion with an Open N34-Day. Over a distance of 5 kilometres, a bicycle time trial and running race were organised. Besides the sporty side, activities were also organised near the viaduct of 't Holt and visitors could take part in a 22 kilometre cycle tour alongside and on the (still closed) N34. After these activities, the barriers were removed from the road and traffic could use the new N34 again.

Until around March 2019, work will still be taking place around the N34 to complete the final details on the road. Once this work is completed, road users will be able to drive at 100 kilometres an hour on the newly designed N34.

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