During the Innovation Expo 2018, C2CA Technology B.V. presents the world's first mobile factory for the production of circular concrete: Circuton. With this new, mobile concrete recycling technology, concrete rubble can be completely processed on site. The result? 100% circular materials for concrete.

The advanced concrete recycling technology has been developed by C2CA Technology, a consortium of GBN Groep - subsidiary of Strukton - and Delft University of Technology. Using this technology, concrete rubble can be totally processed on site into high quality materials which can immediately be turned into new concrete:

Circugrind – Coarse fraction (> 4 mm)

Circuzand – Fine fraction (< 4 mm)

Circument – Ultrafine fraction (< 0.2 mm)

Recycling at its best
Eric van Roekel, director GBN: "Together with Delft University of Technology, we've developed various mobile techniques to make new concrete from concrete rubble. Unique, because we can now recycle high quality concrete, anywhere in the world. Besides the great CO2 benefits, you also save significantly on logistic kilometres. Add a concrete breaker and a mobile mortar centre to the technology and you make new concrete on site. That's never been shown before."

Gerard Sanderink, director-owner of Antea Group, Strukton and GBN, among others: "Developing innovative technologies is essential to give an incentive to the circular economy in the Netherlands and the world. With this concrete recycling technology, we are going to add value for our customers. By recycling materials, we help them fulfil their sustainability ambitions and reduce the cost price of their products.

Fine fraction
Peter Rem, professor at Delft University of Technology: "We've spent a long time working on this installation, the goal being to achieve real sustainability benefits. And we did it: through the cement recycling, the most expensive concrete material can now be recycled."

European solution
Just in the European Union alone, every year 460 million tons of construction and demolition waste is produced, more than half of which consist of concrete. With the innovative concrete recycling technology of C2CA, the (concrete) material cycle is completely closed in the construction. A great step towards a circular economy and a (more) sustainable world.


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