Integral project (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and architecture) for upgrade D gate awarded to Strukton Worksphere.

Undisrupted operations for Schiphol, safety for passengers and a focus on service provision to passengers characterise the project awarded to Strukton Worksphere. Siebolt Bennema (director Projectenbureau Luchthaven Schiphol) and Evert Lemmen (CEO Strukton Worksphere) signed the contract for the upgrade of D gate at Schiphol.

With the Gate Upgrade project, travelling via Schiphol will become even more enjoyable. D gate, the gate with the largest surface area and 550 metres long, is also being upgraded, including maximum waiting comfort with new seats and workstations, luxury public conveniences, more hospitality outlets and retail and green plant walls.

Integral approach
A special feature of this project is that it will be implemented entirely airside (secure area). This gives it an extra dimension. Furthermore, Strukton Worksphere is responsible for both the architectural work and all the installations (electrical and mechanical engineering). This integral implementation in an operational environment and integration into the existing buildings and systems demands extensive knowledge and expertise. The engineering, planning and logistics for the upgrade of D gate will be wholly implemented by Strukton Worksphere in BIM.

Continued operations
Specially for D gate, which processes travellers from Schengen and non-Schengen areas, customised solutions for boarding and de-boarding have been included. This will ensure an optimum situation between restricting inconvenience on the one hand and maximum use of the gates on the other. An extensive phasing plan and planning is part of the approach of Strukton Worksphere. When drawing up this plan, attention for the passengers and retail and hospitality facilities was also a prime focus. Because the Gate Upgrade project is all about the experience of passengers, who want to wait for boarding in peace, luxury and comfort.

The overlayered G gate delivered by Strukton Worksphere in 2015 and the associated new GH building play an important role in the central security approach at Schiphol. All passengers, also those travelling to destinations outside the Schengen area, are required to pass through central security control. The upgrade of D gate aligns seamlessly with this security. The experience and knowledge acquired by Strukton Worksphere in previous projects at the airport, including the current upgrade of F and G gates, will be used for the smooth management of the project. The work on D gate will start in the 4th quarter of 2018.

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