Strukton Worksphere and e-nolis combine energy to make buildings even more sustainable.

Commercial real estate can use considerably less energy and reduce CO2 emissions by working together. One and one is...'Paris Proof'.

Strukton Worksphere and e-nolis are thus taking a big step towards fulfilling the Paris Agreement. By complementing each other's specialisms, a quick scan of a building can easily be made, improvements implemented fast, an EPA-U label leap can be guaranteed and the result analysed so that the achieved improvement is also safeguarded over a long period.

The built environment is responsible for over a third of our energy consumption and 40% of CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. To achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, CO2 emissions in the Netherlands must fall by 100% up to 2050. This enormous challenge demands innovation, proactivity and partnership between all players in the chain, big and small.

Accelerated sustainability
After several successful pilot projects, Strukton Worksphere and e-nolis have entered into a long-term partnership. By combining energy, buildings can become more sustainable faster. With PULSE, Strukton Worksphere has a powerful platform that integrates data relating to people, technology and the surroundings. This prevents faults, extends the life span and reduces maintenance costs and energy consumption in real estate. E-nolis complements this perfectly with the Energy Navigator. The Energy Navigator consists of smart software which provides commercial real estate with maximum insight into energy-saving options with minimum data input and this directly translates into an associated, usually lucrative, business case. Both combined delivers maximum insight into energy consumption, CO2 emissions in relation to comfort and costs.

Data-driven sustainability
Patrick van Geffen, programme manager Strukton Worksphere: ‘Over the coming years, Strukton Worksphere will focus on the digital transition. It will further improve its services by increasingly basing them on data and the additional new insights that this generates. With less effort, provide better advice to improve the sustainability of commercial real estate - that's the aim of this partnership.’ The combination of energy monitoring with a trained reference model in Strukton PULSE and the smart algorithms in the Energy Navigator is unique in the market. ‘Such a unique data-driven approach fits us perfectly and will enable the market to find us more easily,’ says Van Geffen.

'On the way to “Paris Proof”, we will first have to eliminate operational energy waste. ‘Two thirds of the offices in the Netherlands don't meet the requirements of their energy label, for example. Improvement is essential and possible. By working together with Strukton PULSE, many more buildings can improve their energy consumption faster,’ says Gerard Kool, director of e-nolis. Clients hereby expect rapid insight, without unnecessary inspections and time loss. Real estate owners and managers generally want to save, but don't always know how. Kool: ‘Once clients see what's possible and how they can contribute to the energy goals, so much positive energy is released! That gives us a huge kick.’

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