Next weekend, the North/South line will be festively opened. The official opening is on 21 July, which is when Strukton, together with other parties involved, will lift a glass to the positive completion of this fantastic project. On 22 July, the first passengers will board the new metro.

Back in time
What has Strukton built? Under Amsterdam CS, Strukton, in combination with Van Oord, first made room for the tunnel element of the North/South line that will be built directly under the station. Because this tunnel element is replacing some of the station's foundation, an extra foundation of steel tubes was created which will take much of the load on the old station foundation. The area for the tunnel element was then excavated under the station, flooded and connected with the IJ, so that in July 2011, the first tunnel element could be sailed in and sunk. In September and October 2012, the remaining three tunnel elements were then sunk into the IJ, completing the connection between Amsterdam Noord and Amsterdam CS.

Metrostation CS
To enable the connection of the North/South line with Central Station, Strukton created a deep-lying metro station under Voorplein: Metrostation CS. By first creating the roof over the construction pit and then conducting further building and excavation work underneath it, inconvenience for passengers in and around Amsterdam CS was restricted.

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