Strukton PULSE is registered as recognised energy management software (EMS)

The application of energy management systems (EMS) became compulsory as of 1 January 2018 in sectors where the energy consumption in corporate buildings is mainly due to climate installations. This is part of an intensification package of the Energy Accord. Strukton PULSE is registered as recognised energy management software (EMS).

The obligation applies in the following sectors: health and welfare institutions, offices, educational institutions, mobility sector, sport and recreation, hotels and restaurants, fuel stations and car washes and retail.

With the help of Strukton PULSE as an EBS (Energy Registration and Monitoring System), it is relatively easy to make modifications that could result in considerable energy and thus cost savings. The investment in Strukton PULSE depends on the size of the building and level of energy consumption, so that the payback period always falls (well) within the five years.

What does this mean for you?
If you don't yet have an EBS and this is compulsory for your sector from 1 January 2018, you will need to implement a system. Strukton PULSE is a good option here, with a practical approach. Furthermore, Strukton PULSE can be extended with analyses of the comfort in your building, 24/7 monitoring of the optimal functioning of the installations or optimisation of preventive maintenance.

Source Uneto VNI + RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency)

Strukton PULSE

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